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Kapha Body Boost Set

Kapha Body Boost Set

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Kapha Body Boost Set
includes - bamboo dry brush, 50 ml Kapha Body oil and Kapha candle
As part of our routine we are practicing Garshana (dry brushing) every morning with our crystal infused Ayurvedic Kapha Body Blend.
Garshana is very simply brushing your body with a dry brush before your shower. You start at your feet and work your way up to your heart then from your fingers. It’s a wonderful moment to tune in with your body and appreciate it for the wonder it is. 
It is amazing for getting rid of dead skin cells, improving circulation and gently stimulating nerve endings to rejuvenate the nervous system and quiet a jumbled mind. Gently brushing massages your skin helps cleanse the lymphatic system giving you an immune boost and less mucus internally which in Kapha season or with a Kapha imbalance we can have a little bit too much of.
For any or all of these reasons why not incorporate a little Garshana into your life. The biggest reason I do it is because it increases my electromagnetic energy and leaves me feeling energised for the day with a calm mind and focus. 
I like to run my brush through our Kapha Body Blend or slather it on after a cold blast shower.

Kapha Blend

Everything feeling heavy and damp? Tired and down? Feeling prickly reading this? A little Flemish and not the Belgian kind? You might need to get your Kapha to go-go.

Made up of Earth and Water a Kapha imbalance is everything you think it might be. Heavy, wet, slow and cold so let us help you to get your sizzle back. 

When you have a Kapha out of whack you can find yourself feeling super lethargic and super-sensitive even slightly paranoid questioning too much and not feeling confident in your choices and good in your skin. Maybe you are feeling a bit down and find it hard to just say no. Physically you can be holding too much weight for you particularly in the lower abdomen or have sinus congestion or glutinous lungs or bowels.

We have mixed sexy warming and stimulating eucalyptus, clove bud, black pepper, coriander, bergamot and rose geranium together with a whole lotta love and infused it with Red Jasper.

Let us help you turn that frown upside down.