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Sweet Sleep Box Set

Sweet Sleep Box Set

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Nights filled with anguish? Lacking a lullaby? Fed up with counting sheep?

Bohobo has just the trick.

Sweet Sleep! has been made by a mother of babies not keen on sleeping with absolute love. We all know how important sleep is but when we feel it as urgency then this emergency sleep spray can cradle you to its bosom and rock you into a deep divine and desperately well-deserved slumber.

Lavender grown and rolled by perfect hands is mixed with mood altering clary sage, comforting and calming organic camomile and sweet sweet orange to assist you in the sweetest sleep you have been waiting for.

Granny always said ‘Ah to bed to sleep perchance to dream’. Let this pillow spray be your loveliest yet. Shake it and spray it and let your pretty head sink into your pillow in preparation for drool and creased cheeks.

For extra specialness this beautiful box set comes with a delicious navy silk eye mask (great for keeping wrinkles bay) in a recycled brown box wrapped in an organic cotton ribbon.

Sueñes con los angelitos with Sweet Dreams!