Amber glass bottle pump spray of chakra balancing spray
Amber glass bottle pump spray of chakra balancing spray And seven natural chakra crystals

Chakra Balancing Spray Made with Intent

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Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam

Made with Intent – Chakra balancing spray

Made with intent and by the moon, Bohobo Aromatherapies Chakra Balancing blend helps to awaken and align our chakra wheels allowing us to blossom and flourish as our most authentic fabulous selves. Seeking balance from within we open ourselves up to boundless beauty, light and possibilities.

Closing our eyes and breathing in, we know that universal life force flows through us. We feel our energy and the energy of others. We smell, we touch, we sense everything, wildly. Each of us has seven main chakras points which affect our wellbeing, connect us with our unique selves, with others and the universe.

Use as either a natural perfume/signature scent/meditation/yoga/reiki/healing spray or room spray. Simply shake the magic amber bottle and enjoy.

We have created a vibrant synergy of bergamot, lavender, frankincense, sweet orange, ylang-ylang complete, cedarwood atlas, geranium, patchouli, clove, black pepper and infused it with Tibetan Black Quartz

Ayurvedically we are drawn to the smell we need. Be drawn. Be complete.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Thomas
Absolutely love this spray have repurchased many times

The most wonderful blend that really sound help me feel more balanced. Smells incredible too. Have bought about 4 times so far!

Olenia Formella

Love it!


This is undoubtedly my favourite scent in the world. It is rich, yet light and uplifting. I use it everyday and I love it.

Claire T

Gorgeous, Fabulous spray ..... I love it! Thank you so much and also for your wonderful customer care. Xxx

Sarah W
Amazing product

Have used this for a few years after discovering it at Bath Xmas fair. And it works, I also use at night on my pillow!