Thank you to all of our customers who have supported our business in the last year through very difficult times. We are now closing for Christmas, any orders will be posted asap. Wishing you a happy holidays from our little family here at Bohobo. XX

Rewild & Ritual LIGHT   CHRISTMAS CANDLE HOOP – RIBBON 2022 MOON CALENDER USHAS MILK BATH – organic coconut milk powder, Himalayan salt, cardamon, rose petals and peach moonstone. RITUAL CARD – SOLSTICE
Monthly Subscription Box Rewild & Ritual
Monthly Subscription Box Rewild & Ritual
Monthly Subscription Box Rewild & Ritual
Monthly Subscription Box Rewild & Ritual
Monthly Subscription Box Rewild & Ritual

Monthly Subscription Box Rewild & Ritual

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Monthly Subscription Box Rewild & Ritual  

This has been growing for some time. A grain that became an ache, humming untamed within. To journey deeper, with ourselves and with you.
We are rewilding. Moving gently, deeper and with absolute ease, towards our most authentic selves. Through practical holistic ritual, meditation and expansion we will be exploring the seasons, ayurveda, aromatherapy, holistic beauty and the moon.
Join us in the held, quiet subscription Rewild & Ritual where we will have a monthly zoom open space, live recorded guided meditation, tea and cacao ceremonies, learn ancient ritual with practical and accessible modern twists, natural beauty, nourishing our table and connected conscious living.
We are offering -
Monthly Subscription Box, accessing the digital Rewild & Ritual, and a beautiful box which will arrive at your door, full of joy, for £17.50. 
Monthly Digital Subscription with access to Rewild & Ritual for £3.

Where we place intention, we ignite expansion. Our possibility to create change is renewed every day and magnified through consistent practice. 

December LIGHT

As we move through the darker half of the year, we are creating space to untangle our hearts. December’s Rewild & Ritual holistic subscription box marks the beginning of our Winter where nestle and seek deeper.


Our LIGHT box resonates with both comfort and change. It holds a hand poured candle full of spice to ignite our days with sensory discovery, a creamy bath with peach moonstones named for the Vedic goddess of the dawn, an Ayurvedic Trataka meditation for the solstice which brings a profound sense of calm, a hoop for mindful making and to spark journey, a moon calendar to deepen our connection with our cycle within and beyond our skin.


With LIGHT we offer the possibility to end the year in sacred ritual and begin 2022 brighter and wilder than before.


Our Rewild & Ritual is holistic wellness delivered to your door. A gift for yourself or the ones you hold dear. It is truly beautiful.





USHAS MILK BATH – organic coconut milk powder, Himalayan salt, cardamon, rose petals and peach moonstone.






We understand making fifteen minutes a healthy habit can take a little organisation. It might mean getting up a little earlier, (and going to bed earlier) but these fifteen minutes have the possibility to change our relationship with ourselves, and those around us forever. 


This month's holistic subscription box contains -


RAS EL HANOUT spice mix

LAPIS LAZULI natural stone

INHALATION OIL black pepper, patchouli, and sweet orange

HAND BALM KIT - kokum butter, coconut wax, sweet almond oil, lemon essential oil

RITUAL CARD – Create a fifteen-minute ritual for you.


The box is £17.50 including postage and is available from our website - linked above in our bio.


Will you join us for consistency and simplicity in November?

Intense times mean we sometimes experience life as if we are in wild white water. To honour Vata season this month with Rewild & Ritual we are centring with ATTENTION.


October’s subscription box includes –


STICKY MASALA CHAI – yes it’s true. The one that has been so requested will be coming out fresh and vacuum sealed. The secret ingredient in one of @bohoboaromatherapies most popular potions and its lusciousness is not lost here. Great for circulation and warmth it is also amazing for will power and can give us strength even on the windiest autumn days.


ORGANIC OIL CLEANSER with sea buckthorn, tamanu, frankincense and lavender. It’s great for all doshas and ages, and leaves our skin clean, balanced, and soft



PALO SANTO cultivated through the sustainable practice of gathering, for shifting energy and vision


ATTENTION BATH with orange, lemon balm and star anise to enliven the senses and focus


CLAY to mindfully make a pinch pot


ATTENTION RITUAL CARD for a morning focus that you keep throughout the day

This month we are raising our vibrations with GRATITUDE.

This September we are raising our vibrations and consciously harnessing GRATITUDE with Rewild & Ritual. In the fading summer light we are consciously harnessing gratitude. We are looking deeper within, meeting ourselves with compassion, enthusiasm and using practical holistic ritual as a tool to improve our wellness. 

In this months' @rewild&ritual subscription box you will receive -

Ritual Card - for a perfectly soulful eventing gratitude practice.

Gratitude Journal and pencil - to make notes, words, symbols or pages.

Golden Cup - with organic milk powder, organic shatavari, organic turmeric powder, green cardamom, black pepper, vanilla powder, organic date sugar. To make a magical cup of nourishment and a sensory exploration of thanks.

Abhanya Oil  - With clove, cedarwood, ylang ylang and sweet orange to warm in our hands and rub in circles from toes to our tips speaking out loud our love and appreciation for our physical bodies (if this doesn't come easily we with a small gratitude, a beautiful ankle, and let it grow).

Rope incense kit - with lokta paper and an ayurvedic masala to create ceremony with our own hands.

Citrine -  The golden light helps to remind us that life is an unfolding journey to be appreciated.

This month we are restoring and rejuvenating with REST.

Box 2 for Rewild&Ritual is coming to you with the New Moon 8th of August. It is an intuitive box filled with so much restorative rewilding energy. Exactly what we all need right now.


Intentional rest with holistic ritual allows our bodies, minds and emotions to rejuvenate, strengthen and explore a little wilder than we were before. To celebrate the Lions Gate on the New Moon we are offering and extra special subscription box, rituals, meditations, tools, community and more -


Rest Ritual Card


Silk Eye Mask


Rest Body Butter Kit– meditatively make deliciously whipped body butter with kokum and organic apricot kernel oil, infused with rose and eucalyptus, to ease and unwind our bodies and senses.


Rest Bath – with magnesium flakes, calendula and jasmine, to reduce tension and improve sleep.


Rest Face Mask - with organic oat, cornflower, and camomile powder. 


Botanical Tea – Lavender, rose, camomile and lime blossom (use as a botanical face steam or infuse to sip, organic bags included).


Blue Lace Agate – has a soothing vibration supporting us in forgiveness, acceptance, and release.


Ritual Card - with grounding meditation
Goddess Milk - organic raw cacao, organic milk powder (vegan option available), date sugar
Ayurvedic Incense - handmade cones
Tigers Eye crystal
Coconut Wax Candle Kit - wax and wick
Purchase the subscription, leaving your Instagram handle in the notes, request us here and I will welcome you to the page. Boxes will be posted on Wednesday.

Customer Reviews

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Janine Rorke
5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I am 2 boxes in and they have brought me delight with the well thought out contents and the reason to practice some much needed rituals of self care 😊❤️ Xxx

Monthly letterbox delights

I love my boxes full of love. It reminds me to stop and take care of myself and the making part is so much fun. I look forward to receiving the beautiful contents, guidance and message each month - thank you x

Mindful, beautiful and sustainable

This is one of the loveliest subscriptions I've had. I appreciate the little details and each month, the emphasis on slowing down and being more mindful in practices. I highly recommend this box to everyone, don't hesitate - you'll look forward to it every month!

Geraldine Roul
I love my subscription box!

I love getting the box every month, it feels like such a treat! The content is always beautifully wrapped and full of goodies that smell amazing. It’s good to be reminded to stop and take a moment and the box does just that. Thank you Bohobo!

Hannah Schmitt
For when you need to be with yourself

I even don't know what I should write. It is just everything to give you a calm and thoughtful moment. So many options. I had such a fun time playing with clay, the last time I did that was when I was a child! This will be a year of wonder I am sure about that. And I want to give a big thanks for all the special care they did to deliver to the EU. This is a big thing to ask because of the extra work but that shows that they really do care about the customers.
Thank you!