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Natural Organic Deodorant - Love, Happy or Dream
Natural Organic Deodorant - Love, Happy or Dream
Natural Organic Deodorant - Love, Happy or Dream
Natural Organic Deodorant - Love, Happy or Dream

Natural Organic Deodorant - Love, Happy or Dream

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Natural Organic Deodorant 

Ever wonder what attracts one person to another? Well the answer is lots of things on a cerebral level but fundamentally it is always smell.

Everyone has a unique smell that signals a response in ourselves and others. Our smell makes us us. So why hide who you really are? It is who you really are that is the most attractive thing about you. BO is a build up of toxins and that is what smells bad. It's the toxins not you so how do you let you through?

bohobo's 100% natural deodorant is a magical mix of odour cutting witch hazel, ground alum, a sprinkle of xantham gum and essential oils that let you shine.

Available in 50ml -

A soothing groovy blend that will chill you out like completely.
Made with bergamot and sweet orange AKA happiness, lullaby lavender, cool it Krupke chamomile and amaze balls rose geranium. This is the synergy that will talk you off the edge and into a hug.

Basically this one is what it says on the label. Bursting with bergamot, pink grapefruit, lemon sweet sweet sweet orange and yodalicious frankincense this lush. Fresh and zesty it is new and known and everything you want to have and have be free. You will be smiling from pixie ear to pixie ear.

A sensual mix that will help you to take your lovin’ experience to a deeper level. Whether you are just looking for a rompy pompy highlighter or a full on universal connection this is just gorgeous. Bergamot will coax you to come out of yourself. Patchouli will make sure you feel every sizzling sensation in your body. Clary Sage reminds you to love and respect yourself and Ylang Ylang stimulates your senses to catalyse euphoric intimacy.

Let yourself be the best smelling you possible.

Customer Reviews

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This deodorant Is pure liquid gold. Totally in love with all of bohobo’s products but LOVE for sure is the best scent they offer. I always feel so excited getting a parcel from the bohobo fairy’s as I know the love that’s gone into making something so deeply good.

Great product !

I have been using this deodorant for 3 years now and haven’t looked back. Keeps me smelling great and is natural so doesn’t have any nasties in. And I love the face the bottles get reused. ♻️

Game changer

This deodorant not only smells wonderful - it really works. Cannot recommend enough.

Ruth Bannister
The best

It's my go-to and I love it. Works great and smells great.
I'd love the option to buy bigger bottles or refills for mine as I have quite a little collection starting.

Melissa Houghtaling
Best natural deodorant out there!

I happened across this deodorant while at a market in the UK while on vacation Since then it is the only deodorant that I have used! It is simply the most effective, best smelling natural deodorant I have found on the market!