Aromatherapy Candles - Love, Happy & Dream
Aromatherapy Candles - Love, Happy & Dream
Aromatherapy Candles - Love, Happy & Dream

Aromatherapy Candles - Love, Happy & Dream

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Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…

Bohobo has light.

Our new natural aromatherapy candles are beautiful, handy and healing. Handmade with kisses from pure coconut wax and essential oils these beauties come in a 120ml amber glass jar with a screw top lid to keep the aromas therapeutic. The wooden wick gives a beautiful light that adds to the atmosphere of lushness. These are proper yummy and they look great on your bench, shelf, table, desk or nest.

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A soothing groovy blend that will chill you out like completely.
Made with bergamot and sweet orange AKA happiness, lullaby lavender, cool it Krupke chamomile and amaze balls rose geranium. This is the synergy that will talk you off the edge and into a hug.

Basically this one is what it says on the label. Bursting with bergamot, pink grapefruit, lemon sweet sweet sweet orange and yodalicious frankincense this lush. Fresh and zesty it is new and known and everything you want to have and have be free. You will be smiling from pixie ear to pixie ear.

A sensual mix that will help you to take your lovin’ experience to a deeper level. Whether you are just looking for a rompy pompy highlighter or a full on universal connection this is just gorgeous. Bergamot will coax you to come out of yourself. Patchouli will make sure you feel every sizzling sensation in your body. Clary Sage reminds you to love and respect yourself and Ylang Ylang stimulates your senses to catalyse euphoric intimacy.

Customer Reviews

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Smells amazing

Love all these products make my home feel warm and safe.

Barbara Maving
Heaven Scent

Such a beautiful fragrant. You can feel the love. Highly recommend.

Perfect gift

This was a brilliant Christmas gift - the recipient was delighted. Thank you Bohobo!

katharina linnenbrink

Love love

Abigail Spong
Gorgeous fragrance, excellent quality

Lovely, heady smell. Burning evenly and lasting very well. Would definitely buy again!