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Chakra Balancing Blend Throat

Chakra Balancing Blend Throat

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Chakra Balancing Blend Throat



Bohobo is aligned.


We have thought deeply, felt profoundly and experienced thoroughly to be able to bring you our magical Chakra Balancing Blends aligning therapies.



Holistically speaking we are all multi. Vibrating on multi-levels in multi-sensory experiences and in simultaneous multi-layers. Aromatherapy is able to accompany us in all these multis. We are our bodies but only if we are considering ourselves as a physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic singular plural. Our chakras are gates or maybe you prefer to think of them as ducks? We need them to be in a row. To be living the best life we can and to be our best selves in and in creating that life our Chakras are more than important. They are…and we are…together as an infinite one.




Before you tune out thinking this is all a bit whoa out there let me run through it -


Throat – It makes sense that from here we communicate vocally. We express ourselves to others and in doing so combine root, sacral, solar plexus and heart in our expression. Bergamot, chamomile and peppermint support a free flowing energy so that we speak without judgement or fear of being judged and without enforcing our opinions on others



These blends really need to be experienced. They are so beneficial that I am not even going to make a joke. Incorporate a little chakra love into your life. Try one of these 30ml spray all natural blends or the full set of 7 you will be so happy you did.




These come individually, in a set or in a set.




Om shanti shanti shanti.