Energy Spray - EEEEnergy! 50ml

Energy Spray - EEEEnergy! 50ml

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Wiped out? Tired? Feeling like a potato? Wondering how you are going to make it through the day?

Bohobo has just the remedy.

EEEEnergy! is a 100% natural energising blend of essential oils and peps that will get you going and/or keep you going on and on and on.

Our lives are busy. Ok our lives a super busy and we all have only so much Wonder Woman, Superman, Batgirl and Green goblin in us. Sometimes we need a little nudge to get us up and at ‘em. Well people this little beauty is that such nudge.

An exciting blend of fresh citrus, pep me up peppermint and frankly fabulous frankincense will tap you into a universal energy that is both healthy and fruitful.

You don’t need to drag your heels anymore. This aromatheraputic blend is going to have you leapfrogging and bounding all day long.

Amp it up with EEEEnergy!