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Love Candle Rose Quartz

Love Candle Rose Quartz

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Love Candle Rose Quartz

Love. Heat. Sensuality. Sweetness. Spice.

Bohobo Aromatherapies Rose Quartz Love candles are a sensual mix that will help you to take your lovin’ experience to a deeper level. Whether you are just looking for a rompy pompy highlighter or a full on universal connection this blend is beautiful.

Bergamot will coax you to come out of yourself. Patchouli will make sure you feel every sizzling sensation in your body. Clary sage reminds you to love and respect yourself and Ylang Ylang stimulates your senses to catalyse euphoric intimacy.

But wait. There’s more.

In every candle we have place a charged rose quartz stone. Rose Quartz is a crystal that vibrates with deep love. A kind of love to help you love yourself and maybe even someone else. So light your candle and choose love and let it fill your senses and lift the energy. And when you are done you can pop that crystal in your pocket or near your bed and let the love shine on.