Natural Foot Spray - Tootsies 50ml

Natural Foot Spray - Tootsies 50ml

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Are your tootsies in need of care? Do you need to ask a fungus to politely foot off?
Bohobo can help you.

Tootsies has been specially formulated to squelch not so friendly fungi in their tracks, impede stinky feet and make you feel fresh as like your toes have been dancing in daisies and it is completely natural.

Everybody deserves to feel good about their tootsies. We shouldn’t feel shy or (gasp) ashamed because our feet have been left alone too long. Tootsies starts working the moment you shake and spray. You will be desperate to be barefoot or showing those dogs off– trust me!

Powerful Tea-Tree and Eucalyptus give you mega bang for your buck being anti-fungal-anti-bacterial-anti-anything-icky mega oils from the land of Oz where you either go hard or go home while scrummy peppermint makes you feel preppy fresh, engaged and ready for dancing all night long.

Come on everybody get you Tootsies out!

P.S This also is great sprayed into shoes and or on communal yoga mat type situations when you aren’t really sure who has come before you – if you get my drift.