Organic Beard Balm

Organic Beard Balm

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Hairy? Bushy? Woolly? Beardy? Just a little stubblely?

We have just the touch of love for you.

We make our Organic Beard Balm with buckets of love and consciousness. Vegan down to its bones this luscious little pot of magic will soften the hair, keep the skin healthy and make you smell so good people may take a bite out of you even if it's not a full moon.

Antibacterial and antioldmanwhogetssoupstuckinandkeepsitforlater it's a complete little grooming gem. You can even use it in your Samson curls making them unbreakable.

We have whipped up organic fair trade Shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic seasame oil, eco soy wax, black pepper, clove bud, patchouli and sweet orange into a total tizzy and then held them captive in a sweet 30ml amber glass pot.

Let your hirsute handsomeness shine with our Organic Beard Balm. Grrrrrrrr...