Organic cleanser

Organic cleanser

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Organic Cleanser

Want to be clean and yet still feel a little naughty? Our cleanser is cooler than cool. 98, 99, 100% pure Willy Wonka imagination, reality becoming a dream and a dream becoming a reality.

Organic rose, camomile and sandalwood hydrosols will make you bright and fresh, organic allo allo aloe vera for healing the brutality of the world and shiny happy organic rose geranium and nudge nudge wink wink ylang ylang.

Use on a cotton pad or cloth to remove your make up and sins or in your hands and pat into your gorgeous kisser and rinse with water.

organic rose hydrosol, organic camomile hydrosol, organic sandalwood hydrosol, organic aloe vera, organic vegetable glycerin, essential oils - rose geranium and ylang ylang 100ml