Organic Cold and Flu Balm

Organic Cold and Flu Balm

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Organic Cold and Flu Balm

Snuffle? Blocked? Whoop? Wheeze?

Bohobo warm your cockles with our organic cold and flu balm.

With seasons changing or just darned urban living our little airways can sometimes need a bucket of TLC and a chim chimney chim chim chimney sweep. If you find yourself constantly tapping your throat to get that frog out, have a tickle in your chest that just won’t shift or sob sob a full on cold or flu our 100% natural organic balm is the stuff for you.

Atlas cedarwood, eucalyptus, lemon and tea tree have been bundled together with organic coconut oil and yellow beeswax to create a warming, winning formula that will clear your airways so that you feel like you have been well cared for.

Apply to upper chest, back and a generous rub to the soles of your feet.

organic coconut oil, yellow beeswax, organic essential oils - blue gum eucalyptus, lemon, cedar wood atlas and tea tree. 30g pot.