Organic Eye Treatment Set

Organic Eye Treatment Set

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Organic Eye Treatment Set

Meditative moments create a space to allow self love and real beauty to flow into all aspects of our lives.

Rose quartz is the stone for unconditional love. It helps to promote inner healing, opening your heart chakra and radiating compassion.
It is also known for its beautifying qualities. This together with the action of selfcare through ritual creates a powerful combination to honour ourselves with love that ripples out into all aspects of our lives.

Our natural rose quartz mushrooms are the perfect gems to soothe and smooth any tension or crinkles from our lovely faces. They are easy to use, connecting gently with our lymphatic systems and stimulating acupuncture points to create a relaxing holistic experience.

We like to use ours as part of our selfcare ritual, releasing tension in our jaws and neck and then, taking a breath, applying our perfect organic eye oil we focus on depuffing and lifting our eye area with slow, gentle strokes that leave us feeling blissful, pampered and glowing.

Our organic eye oil comes in a handy amber glass roller bottle. Organic prickly pear and carrot oils are brimming with antioxidants, stimulate healthy cell production, rejuvenating and nourishing the skin. Naturally occurring vitamins, A, C and E and a heavenly drop of organic rose oil and ethically sourced sandalwood to make it completely delicious.

Customer Reviews

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Self care bliss

These eye crystals are a treat for my skin and my well-being. Accompanied with the wonderful oil I cannot sing their praises enough. Thank you

Debi Nolan
Made with love...

Firstly, I couldn't believe how fast it arrived! The quartz mushrooms are so tactile and cooling, you instinctively know how to use them, I did also watch one of your videos for tips.. Thank you.
The eye oil is easy to apply being in a roller, and works in harmony with the quartz. I can definitely see a reduction in puffiness and darkness under my eyes. Would definitely recommend, as you can feel the products are made with love... 💚

Elaine Allies
Very satisfied customer

The organic eye treatment is perfect and extremely satisfying - beautifully presented
I would highly recommend it

Laura T
Where have these been all my life!

Simply wonderful! I have ordered a few products from this great company and I think these might be my favourite.
Cool, smoothing, soothing and decongesting, they’re just perfect for puffy eyes and tension headaches.
They feel great to use and do a great job, in fact it’s hard to stop using them once you’ve started as they lull you into a super blissed out state!

Emily Lavender
Goddess Rosy Goodness

I spied this set on Instagram, and after watching the video posted on there about how to use the Rose Quartz shrooms, it looked so blissful that I had to get this set! This is the best offer I have seen for a pair (better even than Amazon) and the roll-on eye oil is luscious too. With all the lockdown late nights, I feel it has really soothed my eyes. I have a gua sha tool, but I’ve found that the shrooms are softer around the eye area, and great along the side of my nose- who knew that would be such a tender area?