Organic Face Cream
Organic Face Cream

Organic Face Cream

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We have the deep understanding that what we put on our skin as our first gesture, is a sensory experience, an act of self love, and plays an integral part of our day.

We have been so incredibly greedy and stuffed so much goodness into each little amber pot to create our nourishing and regenerative organic face cream.

Organic avocado oil and vitamin E will have an immediate effect smoothing fine lines and reducing age spots.

Organic sesame oil protects our skin from not so charming free radicals, and along with high protein organic apricot kernel oil it will improve our skin’s elasticity.

But, we are not just about facts. We are also about smells and energy.

Organic rose otto is a bloom that opens our hearts and lifts our souls. It is the great beautifying heart opener, and at a frequency of 320mhz it is the highest vibrational essential oil.


#raiseyourvibration #organicbeauty

organic apricot kernel oil, organic avocado oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic sesame oil, organic rose hydrosol, yellow beeswax, vitamin e oil, organic carrot oil, grapefruit seed extract, organic essential oils - rose otto, rose geranium  30ml

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Elizabeth Ewart-James
No stars

Did not arrive

Helen Strain
Give your face a treat

Beautiful cream. Uplifting aroma


I have been buying this cream for over 3 years now and have never looked back! I love it so much and it is the first face cream I have stuck with that doesn't give me spots. I love the fact there is never any waste as I always give back my pots and get £1 off my next order.


Toni Chappell
What a wonder!!

This face cream is lush! So creamy, it just glides on and my skin feels amazing!

Hands down my favourite face cream

Very light in the way that it melts into your skin but feels much more nourishing than other light creams that just sit on the surface of your skin. The scent is subtle and the price is very reasonable for such an excellent product. Have been using it for about three years now. In winter I might use two layers and it also works really well with foundation.