We begin the Ayurvedic based holistic wellbeing ritual by preparing the Abhyanga oil. In a bowl place crystals to encourage self healing and confidence. I am feeling raw quartz, tiger’s eye, and rose quartz.

Add a little carrier oil and drop in some essential oils. I’m using 4 drops of rose geranium, 3 drops of eucalyptus, and one drop of sandalwood.

Let the oil infuse on a windowsill or overnight, and be ready anoint your body with love.




We brush our bodies with our hands flicking off any negativity (use a dry brush, a crunchy towel, or our hands). 

Breathe in fully and then out, releasing with a sound a haaaaaarrr goes deep.

Warm scented oil in open hands and rub in circles from our toes to our tips, voicing (Mercury also in Aquarius will help with this) our love and appreciation for our physical bodies (if this doesn't come easily start with a small gratitude, a beautiful ankle, and let it grow). 

As we move our hands on our body, we breathe in deeply the rose geranium, eucalyptus, and sandalwood. We let the oils move deeper within us, illuminating and warming the VENUS within.

We end our holistic wellbeing ritual by acknowledging the felt shift in our relationship with ourselves. We look forward to the future.

To linger in our VENUS vibes, we like to roll the GODDESS AROMATHERAPY SET on the inside of our elbows, wrists and plexus. These blends are beauty to be held.

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