A little bit about us.

We are Miles and Birgitta Bellême, we make natural handmade aromatherapy-based products for holistic wellbeing. Weavers of poetry into the everyday with ritual, ayurveda, astrology and seasonal living, we started Bohobo Aromatherapies to create and share a company that would reflect our life.

After the birth our first daughter in 2013 we made a change from beautiful but busy Paris, to beautiful and fresh countryside. We did this to spend more time together, to experience the seasons, and to live a slower life. Twenty sum years prior I studied to be an aromatherapist in London but then returning to my native Australia to complete a degree in writing and literature meant that aromatherapy was side-lined. It felt like the right moment to create more space for it.

After making some beautiful natural perfumes and selling them at local markets Miles had a very good and very practical idea.  He was visiting a friend of ours with a potion I’d made for her sleep troubles. A couple of her friends arrived and were interested in the little bottle of magic that was being talked about. Returning home Miles said with an outstretched hand and a raised eyebrow -

What if you made the sleep sprays and headache remedies and those little things that you make for us as part of Bohobo not just perfumes?

Clearly, I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea, but did I it anyway. With savings running dry, we sold Christmas cakes to get enough money to buy our first supplies and Bohobo Aromatherapies came into being.

People around town started talking about my little remedies. A Pop-Up shop became available for the summer of 2014 and people came in buying the ready made rollers and sprays for themselves and their friends. The first time a lady came back to tell me the little headache roller had completely taken away her migraine and she wanted another bottle for her sister I was moved. Really moved. I kind of felt an amazing lift that I had in a small way helped someone.

The following year. with opportunities abounding in England we moved our studio to the lush green of Frome, Somerset where we built a community through connecting our simple days and sensory explorations with yours through our INSTAGRAM @bohoboaromatherapies. The years that followed brought a shift, a hum, where experiences though unique, are also joined. We have been challenged, you have followed us as we fought on, rising, bringing joy and comfort, even in darker moments. Incorporating aromatherapy into our days is an easy and accessible way to create practical holistic wellbeing that ripples out into all aspects of life.

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Gift your senses and your loved ones with Bohobo Aromatherapies and open a window to another world.




The Bright Space. The Welsh Mill, Park Hill Drive, Frome, Somerset, BA11 2LE


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