There is a moment, in the warm water when the smoothness of the water’s lip ebbing on our bellies creates a sacred space for our body and soul to unite. Immersing ourselves in a tub of water with salts and botanicals is to move through passages of realities and reveries. A practical ritual for holistic wellbeing that is as ancient as it is beautiful, and we are all for it.


Transdermal magnesium absorption is a great way to up magnesium levels, which are amazing for improving sleep, busting stress and improving all over health. It is extra beneficial to add some aromatherapy to our wellbeing, but is it as simple as it sounds? Yes, and no.


The therapeutic practice of aromatherapy means we are working with essential oils we not just for what smells amazing (although there is a benefit to this and being led by our noses too - another blog post for sure), we are creating powerful synergies with the tiniest amount of oils possible, but why? Well. and in no particular order, responsibly sourced essential oils are expensive, responsibly sourced essential oils need to be consumed responsibly, the higher the grade the less you need, we want to careful of our skin, we want to be careful with our limbic systems, not overload our senses, and also quite simply quantity does not always equal mighty.


When I am making bath salts - with magnesium flakes or epsom salts depending on mood, I add the drops of chosen oils to a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda to ensure my distribution will be even, that if I keep some in a jar it won't dissolve the salt, and if I'm adding botanicals that they will remain, dry.




This is the recipe for Peony Bath that is an easy ayurvedic-aromatherapy based exploration of Spring, and will more than likely ignite a passion for making aromatherapy bath salts for you and your loved ones' holistic wellbeing.


2 cup of Epsom salts 

1 tablespoon bicarbonate of soda

10 drops rose geranium 

4 drops orange

6 drops eucalyptus 


add the essential oils to the bicarb and then work in the Epsom salts.

add a handful of dried flowers and store in an airtight jar. When you are ready to enjoy it add a couple of tablespoons to a warm bath and bathe in beauty.

(If you are a sensitive soul feel free to half the essential oils and swap the salt for a handful of oats tied around the tap and the water run through to create a creamy, soothing alternative.

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