Bottling the Light

One thing we love to do on wonderful days is to bottle them. To squish them tightly, adding sunlight, joy and togetherness into a glass jar and suspending the moment with a lid.
Today we bottled solstice in all her beauty by making elderflower cordial with lemon and mint, strawberry and elderflower jam.
We foraged the elderflower (properly in the wild this time) and picked up strawberries (and mouldy figs - but that's another post) from the greengrocer.
You don't have to have masses of fruit and flowers to make syrup or jam. Enough for one amazing pot is perfect. We don't need so many elderflowers to make syrup which is all the better because I much prefer them when they develop into berries for the winter.
I always add less sugar than I need because I know whatever I make isn't going to stay long in the cupboard. On a rainy day we will open our jars and taste the sweetness of solstice on our lips. Will you try?
For the Elderflower Cordial -
15 flowers stalks removed
2 lemons zested and juiced
a little bunch of mint
350grams ish of sugar
1 litre of boling water
Mix all the ingrediants lightly and add to a jar. Let steep for a day or two, strain and bottle. Will last 2-3 months in a cool place (or fridge) depending on how much sugar you add.

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