HIBISCUS FLOWERS and MINT to create a cup of poetry

HIBISCUS and MINT to create a cup of poetry.

Hibiscus flowers are a traditional offering for the Hindu Goddesses Lakshmi and Kali. These crimson beauties are full of vitamin C and antioxidants to help us feel as beautiful as we are.

Add the petals along with some fresh mint (or a dried) to a jug and pour over recently boiled water. We can drink this warm, at room temperature.

We can create simple holistic wellbeing ritual around making our tea. Light a candle, let our minds become curious about the colour of the tea, how the water deepen from pink to red.

Roll some @bohoboaromatherapies MOON in our hands and breathe in the wild thyme, basil, and peppermint.

Feel into the limitless possibilities of it all.

Totally optional -I added a little crystal magic, I infused mine with Aventurine. For the prosperity and the possibilities.

As with any Moon manifesting we settle in the dark and wait until the silver slice or return is lit. 

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