The harmonic motion of spring is billowing and we are in awe of the beauty she brings. Magnolias are blushing, wild daffodils are suns playing in warm air and wild garlic is almost there. We have even seen several eager bumble bees out early and sipping from upturned cups. Noticing the changes in the world around us are meditative reflections on our internal changes. This notion is a defining link in our holistic wellbeing.

Magnolias in bloom are as beautiful as they are fleeting, and with heavy rain announced for tomorrow we decided this was our moment to snaffle some. Pickling some bashful globes means that their beauty can be consumed before it fades (or is knocked to the pavement with icy rain).
Here is my almost recipe for pickled magnolias -
Pick eight globes as open as you dare, put them in a jar and pour over a light pickling mix. We used apple cider vinegar with coconut sugar, juniper berries, black peppercorns and a few mustard seeds. Tightly turn the lid and wait a day or two (heat your vinegar if you are as impatient to try this as me).
Use as you would any pickle but it is especially beautiful on top of a curry, chickpea stew or with broccoli coconut aminos and rice.

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