Mixing flowers and powders in every form to create space for ourselves and our holistic wellbeing can be as beautiful as it is beneficial.

In its purest form udvartana is a herbal powder scrub used in traditional ayurvedic consultation that creates heat and clears excess Kapha. It is rubbed with a lot of friction and the herbal paste unblocks energetically and through detoxification.

We love everything herby, but as Spring (and hormonal changes) appears so too does irritation (we are in Aries season approaching a total solar eclipse - stakes are high) that is felt on a vibratory and dermal level, we want to embrace the ritual practice of udvartana without the angst.

We are making a ROSE AND LENTIL BODY SCRUB as an alternative exploration of udvartana.  


This rose and lentil powder is a much softer version adding love and compassion to the process. but still holds energetic clearing, use it as a gentle scrub on its own (as a dry scrub on damp skin) or by adding water and making circles on our body toes to neck, but it is really interesting to make it personal by opening the kitchen up to endless possibilities.

Add a little yoghurt, some cold tea, a smushed banana, the inside scrapes of an avocado skin, a splash of oil -olive, coconut, sesame, avocado. Just go with feeling and be led. We really just need to end up with a paste. 

Wash off after a moment of blended udvartana (perhaps this can be used as a connective with the BOHOBO BREATHWORK - EXPANSIVE BREATH , or with mantra – I find myself easily…, or I am…).

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