Spring is the joyful combination of the earth becoming wet and heavy at the same time as being sweetened by a the sun. It is an activation point in our holistic wellbeing journey, and the beginning of the astrological new year. Adding elements of Ayurvedic teachings into our spring days enhances for our overall health in the season of (earth-water) Kapha.

Joy, and inspiration overflow in Spring as our connection with nature and the cyclical breath of life renews. This is the essence of earth-water Kapha and the energetic of Aries, and Taurus astrologically. As much as this is blooming wonder, in excess, Kapha energy can lead us to holding onto the past, feeling unmotivated, blue, heavy, creating excess mucus, and suffering from allergies. Wether we may are naturally Kapha dominent (do you know your doshic make-up?), in a place that has high Kapha content (are you wearing wellies?), or in a Kapha period of our lives (are your eyes puffy?), in the Springtime we all experience a surge of Kapha, and we can use this delight to our best practice.

To balance the wet, heavy of Kapha season we begin to spice and lighten our vibe. Drinking warm teas, like basil or fennel, upping and warming our greens, radishes, sprouts, astringent legumes like beans immediately elevate, as does lessening heavy foods like dairy, wheat, meat, fried, and frozen.

There are lists and lists of foods for your dosha, dos and don'ts, so much that it can be overwhelming. For me, I’m not worrying about what shouldn’t be in my bowl but rather about how I can balance what's in my bowl in the moment and season I’m in.

If you have the possibility of buying at a local market, find out what is in season, this will give you a great start in naturally Kapha balancing foods. By adding spices like black pepper, ginger, and cumin, (or even a little red chilli if you enjoy it) it allows us to feel freer and minimise clag.

Spring is the time of year to get moving once again. Finding a consistent yoga practice that is right for you is a great way to rejuvenate. Movement not only strengthens the body, it activates our lymphatic system which helps detoxify waste. So why not get outside with a quickened stride and let Kapha season and her blooms become a feast for your eyes.

Check back in here and on BOHOBO AROMATHERAPIES INSTAGRAM for more ways to incorporate Ayurvedic practice into your days and create holistic wellbeing.



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