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Astrology is the art of drawing planetary movements and cycles. Interpreting the cosmic eddy holistically weaves light into to very real parts of ourselves and our lives. Understanding these movements allows us profound perspective of events – past and present, relationships, to see possibilities, and to connect to ourselves, and the universe on a more holistic level.

Astrological knowledge can beacon darker moments, channel light, garnet confidence, and give deeper insight into self and purpose. 

In your ASTROLOGY for HOLISTIC WELLBEING reading Birgitta will create your natal birth chart and interpret planetary combination and design. She will help you to understand significant transits, opportunities, relationships, and give practical holistic guidance through aromatherapy, ayurveda, and breathwork, to take advantage or rest within them.

Each reading includes preparation time, 75 minute recorded session, emailed notes on relative practical holistic practices, plus a 15 minute follow up question (within the following year).

B has been an aromatherapist for almost thirty years and began incorporating ayurveda, and ayurvedic practices over fifteen years ago. She teaches practical holistic ritual through ancient ceremony, the moon, ayurvedic cooking, incense making, natural beauty, meditation, and breathwork.


She is the author of Seasonal Rituals – a holistic wellbeing journal.

Customer Reviews

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Diana Ingram
Fabulous and Inspiring

An excellent, engaging, informative discussion with B so much to think about, genuinely helpful and guiding.. B is incredibly professional and knowledgeable but warm, friendly and kind, I absolutely loved every second. Highly recommend
Thank you so much

Thought provoking

B's readings are always so thought provoking. I found myself in a bit of a quandary at the beginning of the year, unsure of the direction I should take. After a reading and conversation with B, I gained much-needed clarity. B not only provided insightful perspectives but also offered practical advice that I am genuinely grateful for and have since followed. If you're feeling a bit stuck, I highly recommend reaching out to B for guidance.

Clara S
Insight and Comfort

I was gifted a Holistic Astrology Reading by my best friend. I was feeling low, unsure, and disconnected from myself and my purpose. Birgitta opened the reading by saying five words and I burst into tears. Not only did she see me as I had been, but she helped me to understand where I am now, and where I am going. It was jaw dropping. I left the reading feeling like someone had swtiched the lights on, and with a bundle of practical holistic ways to bring me back to myself. I want to add she mentioned that I would meet someone special and it happened within the week! I will be gifting this to my sister for christmas. Highly reccommend!

Insightful reading

I had an Interesting and insightful reading with B who has a lovely warm and friendly approach and who also followed up with a summary of my chart by email as I had the reading on the phone due to problems connecting on Zoom :)

Sophie Allies-Curtis
Holistic astrology offers reassurance, insight and clarity

Brigitta brings such a calming, healing presence, it was so nurturing to interpret my natal chart with her and receive her suggestions for breath work, journaling and chakra meditations. Brigitta brought so much knowledge and insight from my astrological charts to how my life has unfolded, to situations I have been struggling with recently and to some of my close relationships. Since I saw her I have tried to find more space in my life for creativity; writing and sewing and focusing on moments that bring me joy. It has given me so much reassurance about the path I'm on and I feel much more secure in myself. Thank you B, you have such a gift!