Ayurvedic Blends Spray Set

Ayurvedic Blends Spray Set

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Hands up if you could do with a little balance? Let us help support you with our crystal infused Ayurvedic Blends Set.


Everything feeling heavy and damp? Tired and down? Feeling prickly reading this? A little Flemish and not the Belgian kind? You might need to get your Kapha to go-go. Made up of Earth and Water a Kapha imbalance is everything you think it might be. Heavy, wet, slow and cold so let us help you to get your sizzle back. When you have a Kapha out of whack you can find yourself feeling super lethargic and super-sensitive even slightly paranoid questioning too much and not feeling confident in your choices and good in your skin. Maybe you are feeling a bit down and find it hard to just say no. Physically you can be holding too much weight for you particularly in the lower abdomen or have sinus congestion or glutinous lungs or bowels. We have mixed warming and stimulating eucalyptus, clove bud, black pepper, coriander, bergamot and rose geranium together with a whole lotta love and infused it with Red Jasper.




Feeling like a crinkly autumn leaf? Dry? Creaky? Blowing in all directions but you don't know where you are going? Anxious?

Data is made up of Air and Ether the proportions of which influence how Vata moves and manifests in our minds and bodies. Too much Vata can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disorganised. Over thinking can lead to anxiety, insomnia and nervousness. Out of balance Vata energy can leave you feeling confused irritated and gassy! Oops!

In the right balance Vata is energising highly motivating allowing you to accomplish so much. To even out these cold dry windy elements we need warmth, sweetness and nourishment. Our spray and roller are infused with yellow calcite and are an opulent blend of sweet orange, basil, fennel, clove, lavender and frankincense.






Short fused? Angry? Irritated? Tense? Anxious? Feeling a bit jealous?Could be you need to calm your Pitta! When in balance Pitta is full of courage, confidence and joy. Pitta dominant dosh peeps are leaders and forward thinkers but when Pitta is outta whack these beauties can be angry fearful and judgemental. Physical manifestations of the Water-Fire baby being lopsidie included rashes, inflammation, hormone imbalances, fever and heartburn. So lets cool it down and sweeten it all up with the delicious Bohobo Aromatherapies Pitta Blend. We have toiled to create a unique helper full of Lemon, Orange, Frankincense, Cardamom, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang for the lil cherry on top. This blend comes in an organic fractionated coconut oil base in roller form or in a witch hazel based spray. You can use either iether or both in combination to chill out and feel fabulous. This jewel is infused with magical Celestine for extra magnificence.



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Ayurvedic Blends Spray Set

All are wonderful blends. I love the smells of each so it's difficult to have a favourite. Fabulous products

Geraldine Roul
Absolute treat

Beautiful products, so many are my favourite now, the ayurvedic blends, the eye oil, the hydration mist, the face cream. Bohobo products are good for the soul!

Pure gorgeousness!

These are simply amazing and smell absolutely divine!

Another delight from Bohobo.

There's nothing to dislike about this lovely box of whifters. Don't know where I'd be without your goodies. Many thanks.


amazing scents - uplifting and perfect...