Rose Quartz Mushroom Gua Sha (pair)

Rose Quartz Mushroom Gua Sha (pair)

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Bohobo Aromatherapies Rose Quartz Mushroom Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha tools have been used for thousands of years. They promote healthy glowing skin through lymphatic flow, collegian promotion and blood circulating to regenerate the skin leaving you looking smoother fresher and uplifted.

Our faces are super open to suggestion so lightly pressing and stroking the skin like an Abyssinian with help you radiate and purrrrrrrrrr. Gently manipulating tension with our Natural Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool helps you to say Adieu to cranky lines Bonjour to a healthy happy brilliance. This perfectly pink pebble with fill you with self love and open heart chakra channels of compassion and acceptance (it doesn't hurt that rose quartz can smooth fine lines and wrinkles too!).

I use my Bohobo Aromatherapies Natural Rose Quartz Mushroom Gua Sha a couple of times a week with our delicious Bohobo Aromatherapies Organic Eye Oil. I am a super busy super-woman-mama and I have put my own self care to the side for quite a while but now I giving myself this little pamper I feel like I am taking a few minutes to honour myself and create a healthy habit of non toxic natural beauty that leaves me feeling and looking happy. I'm glowing so much I feel like a Goddess and am radiating Self Love because I genuinely feel fab! I'm like literally phosphorescent.

Our Natural Rose Quartz Mushroom Gua Sha Tools come in sweetissimo organic cotton bags and charged with love and light.

Let your love light shine from your happy faces!

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful tools and amazing quality. They really compliment my facial treatments. Very happy!

Hathor London
Very soothing

I have started to use these gua shas in my facial treatments and they have received top reviews from my clients. After using a traditional gua sha, I then use the mushrooms to move around the eyes, down to the back of the neck, using the smaller end for pressure points.

Cherie Boot
Rose quartz Mushroom Gua Sha

Love my new gua sha mushrooms. Great quality product, fab service and I love following your Insta stories with great tips on how to use. Thank you x

Toni Chappell

These lovely little mushroom quartz pieces are wonderful in every way! The size, shape, feel in cooling to the eye area! An amazing self-care ritual!!

The dreamiest, most beautiful gift

I bought these Rose quartz mushrooms for myself as a treat, but would not hesitate to buy as a special gift for a friend who is in need of relaxing and dreamy TLC time. They are very easy to use, Bohobo have some excellent tutorial videos on Instagram to follow. But wowwweeee, everyone should seriously invest in some of these glorious gua sha facial massagers! 🥰✨💛