Stress Relief - Peace Out!

Stress Relief - Peace Out!

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Feeling stressed? Anxious? Or even a panicked?

Take a deep breath. Bohobo can help.

Peace Out! Is a soothing groovy blend that will chill you out like completely.

Made with sweet orange AKA happiness, lullaby lavender, cool it Krupkie chamomile and yodalicious frankincense this is the synergy that will talk you off the edge and into a hug.

So shake well and apply to pulse points - or spritz about yourself if you prefer the spray - when you feel a panicky pang, have a mountain of a meeting or when you feel like it is all just too much and you need a rescue (we wondered if this should be called I need a Hero but decided Peace out! was less gender biased…)

Get like loose as a goose with Peace Out!