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Vata Blend Spray

Vata Blend Spray

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Ayurvedic Vata Blend

Vata is conceptually made up of the elements of Air and Ether. The proportions of which influence how Vata moves and manifests in the body.

Autumn is Vata season and relating directly to how the weather manifests as dry, windy and cold is how Vata can too manifest in our minds and bodies. Feeling overwhelmed and over thinking can lead to anxiety and insomnia and the nervousness of a Vata imbalance can leave you feeling confused irritated and windy! Oops! In the right balance Vata is energising highly motivating allowing you to accomplish so much.

To balance these cold dry windy elements we need warmth, sweetness and nourishment. Our spray and roller are infused with yellow calcite and are an opulent blend of sweet orange, basil, fennel, clove, lavender and frankincense.

Lets get nourished and balanced.

We recommend using the 10ml roller on the Marma points at the base of your thumb and in the centre of the sole of your foot. Press firmly in slowly in clockwise circles. Alternatively use the beautiful spray as a personal spray or layer with your normal day.